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To meet the educational needs of our students we use a variety of teaching tools, resources, and experience. As a participant of Texas School Ready our first choice is CIRCLE Infant and Toddler & CIRCLE Pre-K Curriculum which is 100% alignment to Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, Teacher-directed lessons and child-initiated activities, along with Playful and purposeful experiences
for every setting.

Enrichment Programs




Arts & Crafts

Accepting Children Ages 2 months
to 12 Years Old

Accepting Children Ages 2 months to
12 Years Old


Building interpersonal relationships and experiences with the caregivers. Learning activities focus on developing gross motor skills, such as strong head, neck , and back strength crawling, and walking. Speech and language development and social and emotional skills, such as playing with other children.

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Children learn to socialize and interact with each other. Lesson plans focus on introduction of shapes, colors, letters/ phonic sounds, numbers, art, science and discovery. They will enjoy lots of hands-on learning through a variety of sensory activities. At this stage, toddlers are becoming more independent and our teachers will help with practicing life skills, such as hand washing, potty training, sharing with friends and picking up toys.


Teachers continue the lessons of teaching how to socialize and self-regulate growing emotions through language and cognitive skills. Introduction of academic concepts including literacy and math, color and letter recognition and developing large and fine motor skills, such as writing and walking a line. Students get to explore learning stations within the classroom and learn new skills daily which will allow kids to
have fun while learning!

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Teachers will help guide students through their curriculum which will allow students to explore suggested learning activities based on curriculum or individual interests within the curriculum. This program is for Parents who prefer a homeschool education in need of assistance with teaching their students. We currently can help with student Pre-k thru 1st grade(limited to 15 students)


We make it fun while learning for our maturing students by providing opportunities to be creative with classroom materials and help select topics for teaching such as music, cooking, art, and money concepts. Students get the opportunity to complete homework, play indoors and outdoors and experience field trips during holiday breaks and summer.